How To Change Your Relationship with Social Media


In a society where it can be easy and almost default or automatic to resort to your social media apps on your phone or computer, it can be difficult to stay in the moment. While there are a lot of strengths to social media, such as sharing your story and your interests, it is also easy to get “sucked” into the hole worrying about the way you portray yourself, and how it compares to others. This can have a negative impact on your mental health and sense of self.

Here are ways to challenge yourself to a social media fast:

Set a Limit on Your Phone

Many of the newer phones have a function where you can set a daily limit for your social media apps. While it doesn’t forbid you to enter once you’ve reached that threshold, it does remind you that you have exceeded your limit before you open the app. This is a good moment to reflect if you feel like going into the app will serve you. 

Set a timer for your social media usage.

Replace Your Urge With Another App

As automatic as it can be to open Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, it can be helpful to challenge yourself to have that automatic response with other apps that challenge your brain differently.

Some suggestions include:

  • The podcast app where you can explore a variety of podcasts. You can check out a few podcasts that we love here.
  • Duolingo to learn a new language, a meditation app to work on being present, your local library app to listen to a new book or read a new e-book.
  • Spotify or Apple Music to listen to your favourite tunes.
  • A game that will really get you thinking, such as Sudoku.
Try a new app that isn’t social media.

Get Outside

Another option is putting your phone away completely, turning on the “do not disturb” function and stepping outside. Right now, in the northern hemisphere of the world, it’s autumn which means beautiful colours, crisp mornings and evenings and fresh air. Challenge yourself to wander aimlessly without taking photos for your social media, find new paths and re-acquaint yourself to the sounds of nature.

We recognize that it can be hard to follow all of these suggestions, and know that doing them all at once can be a huge shift. Start with one, and see how it goes. Comment below with other suggestions you may have. 

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