5 Websites that We Love


For the “I am Resilient” team, we spend much of our time reading and gaining new knowledge. Whether it be through podcasts, books or apps, we are always craving to learn more.

The following websites are ones that we are currently gravitated towards:

1 . Thrive Global

Arianna Huffington has curated a brilliant community that promotes inspiration and motivation. We personally find ourselves drawn to the “Well Being” section of the website. How about you check it out and let us know what posts stick out for you?

Thrive Global

2. Self-Compassion

In our previous post, you may have noticed we referenced Dr. Kristin Neff. This website is a great source of all things “self-compassion.” Within this website, Dr. Kristin Neff shares various offerings, including guided meditations. Be sure to take a listen, and let us know which one resonates with you. 

3. Brené  Brown

We LOVE Brené  Brown! We especially love how she leans into shame and vulnerability, normalizing it for us all. While Brene Brown has many books out there to read, what we love about her website is all of the downloads she’s made available. While many of her downloads are connections and extensions of her books, we find that the application of these transferrable. 

Brené  Brown’s downloads

4. Lynda.com 

Have you ever wanted to participate in continuing education? Look no further than Lynda.com, which is now known as LinkedIn Learning. We love the promotion and accessibility of ongoing learning. Hot Tip: Check out your local library, as many libraries are connected with Lynda and all you need is a library card to access it for FREE!

5. Dr. Dan Siegel

Dr. Dan Siegel is a well-known psychiatrist based in California. He is well-known for his research in mindfulness practices and his work with children and adolescents. Through the “mindsight institute,” Dr. Siegel offers various courses on awareness, mindfulness and more. You may also recognize his name, as we previously mentioned him in our podcast blog post, as he is Chelsea Handler’s therapist. 

Dr. Dan Siegel

Are we missing a “go-to” website that you would like to share? Please let us know and we will share with our community! We are always open to hearing about new resources to widen our knowledge base. 

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