2019: Resilience Recap


Halfway through 2019 we proudly launched the I Am Resilient Project. We wanted to create a safe space for people to share their stories of overcoming challenges and we opened up our community to welcome story submissions. We are honoured that people shared their personal journeys with us. To wrap up this year we wanted to share with you the stories of resilience that have been told via our community.

Stories of Resilience

Blair Kaplan Venables

Our founder, Blair, was the first to share her story. Her experience with addiction and forgiveness is what inspired this community to be born. This project has also helped to bring her and her father closer together. You can read Blair’s story here.

Blair and her father, Leonard. http://iamresilient.info/i-am-resilient-blair-kaplan-venables/

Leonard Kaplan

Blair and Alana’s father, Leonard, shared his story about battling addiction. His journey showcases how drugs can destroy one’s life and that being resilient can help get you through very difficult situations. You can read Leonard’s story here.

Leonard and Blair were a guest on CBC Manitoba in June 2019. http://iamresilient.info/i-am-resilient-leonard-kaplan/

Kelly Hill

Kelly bravely shared her story about her daughter’s addiction to heroin. Her story sheds light on the importance of a strong support network and how powerful the love for a child can be. You can read Kelly’s story here.

Kelly is a strong and resilient mother.http://iamresilient.info/i-am-resilient-kelly-hill/


The story that Valerie shared shows her ability to find strength in darkness. She bravely shared her story of surviving abuse as a child and how it has empowered her to be the woman that she is today. You can read Valerie’s story here.

Valerie is resilient. http://iamresilient.info/i-am-resilient-valerie/


Every story deserves to be told and if you want to remain anonymous and share your story, you are welcome to. This community member shared her story about surviving an abusive relationship with an alcoholic. You can read her story of resilience here.

This community member survived an abusive relationship and is resilient. http://iamresilient.info/i-am-resilient-anonymous/

Sabian Finogwar

Sabian shared his story of breaking out of his shell and conquering his anxiety. His advice reminds us to try and get out of our heads and to take the plunge into conversations in social settings. You can read Sabian’s story here.

Sabian conquered his fear and is resilient. http://iamresilient.info/i-am-resilient-sabian-finogwar/

Susan Rovers

Susan shared her story about what it was like for her to lose her father. Her heartbreaking story and advice remind us how precious life is and to cherish all of life’s moments. You can read Susan’s story here.

This is Susan and she is resilient.http://iamresilient.info/i-am-resilient-susan-rovers/

Sara Namazi

Sara shared her story of childhood trauma, growth and coming out as a queer woman. Her story reminds us that “every pain, every loss and every sorrow takes us on a path to evolve.” You can read Sara’s story here.

Sara is resilient. http://iamresilient.info/i-am-resilient-sara-namazi/

Thank you to everyone who chose our community as a platform to share, heal and be inspired. Are you ready to share your story of RESILIENCE? You can do that HERE and thank you for being brave and sharing your journey.

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