I Am Resilient: Susan Rovers


This is Susan and she is RESILIENT.

CONTENT WARNING: The I Am Resilient Project provides an open space for people to share their personal experiences. Some content in this post and on this website will include topics that you may find difficult

Describe the situation where you had to be resilient:

I found out that my dad passed away.

Susan’s Story

The day I received the news that my father had passed I felt like it was a dream. There was no way I was hearing this new. I dropped the phone and collapsed to the floor. My children kept asking what happened. All I could do was cry. Guilt was what came forward as well as disbelief. I couldn’t believe that my dad was gone.

I wish I had called him more. I wish I had tried harder to have a better relationship with him. I kept thinking that someone would call me and say this wasn’t true. The hardest part is that I never got closure. After his passing there was no visitation, no funeral, there was nothing.

How did you practice resilience when faced with this challenge?

I practiced resilience by trying to appreciate the time I had with my dad. I have tried saying the Serenity Prayer to help. It has been over five years and still, the thought of him brings tears to my eyes

Please share one piece of advice for people who are going through a similar challenge

When you lose someone you love, try to find closure in whatever way that may look to you.

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