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As the weather gets nicer, and physical-distancing is still the preferred method of living, I’ve become more accustomed to listening to podcasts on my solo-walks. While I love listening to music and audiobooks, there is something nice about a podcast where you can immerse yourself into one topic/episode and be able to start and finish it on a walk.

While TV shows are not currently being produced, we are lucky that podcasts are still producing new content for our listening pleasure. I’ve been listening to a mix of funny, serious, and social commentary podcasts.

Enjoy listening to a podcast on the stairs.

Here we will share with you new podcasts that we are listening to:

Unlocking Us – Brene Brown

Brene Brown launched her new podcast, right as the pandemic was picking up. Perfectly timed, Brene interviews influential and deeply-soulful people each week about a topic that is important to them. My favourite episode thus far has been Brene’s interview with David Kessler on Grief and Finding meaning. 

Absolutely Not with Heather McMahan

Heather McMahan is a 30-something year old comedian living in Atlanta with her fiance and her mother. Comedic commentary at its finest, Heather leads each episode to talk about real things that are going on for her in an unfiltered, hilarious manner. My favourite recent episode is with Jackie Schimmel, who is a comedian as well. If you want to feel like you’re keeping it light and real, listen to this podcast. 


An older podcast, I recently discovered Canadaland because it was recommended on Spotify. What I really like within this podcast is their mini-series “Isolation Interview” where they interview various folks in their isolation experience. Each Isolation Interview episode is a quick 5-10 minutes.

I love discovering new podcasts, as I find that I can always make time to put an episode on. Let us know what podcasts you’ve been listening to. As physical-distancing is likely here to stay in some format or another, the more podcasts, the better!

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Written by Alana Kaplan, Project Manager for the I Am Resilient Project.

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