Imposter Alert


Who the heck do I think I am to decide that I’m qualified enough to write a book? I feel like an imposter and I’m damn proud of it!

Aren’t book authors usually famous people, professional writers, rock stars who want to tell their stories and people who have a lot of imagination?

I guess I do fall into some of those categories but I have to be honest with you…I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I’M DOING.

So many doors to choose from.

I guess a lot of us feel this way about the things that they take on. I think that’s okay. Sometimes (most of the time) this is super scary but I’m one of those “take the leap” kind of gals.

Where it All Began

I’ve always had a passion for writing. I have memories of sitting in my bedroom, at my hand-me-down wooden desk, writing poetry on loose-leaf. The candles were always lit and the lights were always off. I was probably listening to Enya or Prodigy (don’t judge). I was inspired by Roald Dahl’s uniqueness and thought, I too can let my words uniquely flow. Most of what I wrote were poems and I stored them in a tan folder to share with my future publisher. The only publisher’s information I had access to during this pre-Google/Internet era was my Uncle Stu’s, who worked at a children’s magazine. He was nice enough to publish something of mine in that magazine and that little favour changed me forever.

Imposter Alert

The feeling of seeing my own words published was a special feeling that I can probably best describe as scoring an A+ on a test, making perfectly cooked KD or winning a race. I guess, deep down inside my soul, I’ve always wanted to write a book. However, those feels got buried below being a teenager, travel, life, growth, sadness, anxiety and adulthood.

Well, my friends, the time has come in my life where I’m taking a stab at publishing a book and this time I need your help because I’m sharing your stories. So, I need YOU to share your stories with me and to share this project with your network! Let’s help our friends, family, communities, etc… tell their stories.

Tell Your Story

This is an official call for submissions. Share with me your story of resilience before August 31, 2019, and your story will be told.

Call for story submissions.

Luckily, I now have the knowledge and ability to write and publish a book and I’m using my laptop in lieu of a pen and paper. I’ve matured. However, little Blair was on to something and as I write this I’m listening to Enya thinking about what I was putting into the universe over 20 years ago.

Still curious? Learn how this project came to be HERE.

Imposter Alert
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