I Am Resilient: Anonymous #2


This is an anonymous member of our community and she is RESILIENT.

CONTENT WARNING: The I Am Resilient Project provides an open space for people to share their personal experiences. Some content in this post and on this website will include topics that you may find difficult.

Describe the situation where you had to be resilient:

My husband and I are trying to get pregnant and have been unsuccessful.

The Story

At this stage in my life, I always imagined that I would already have one child and be working on my second. Unfortunately, my husband and I are having trouble getting pregnant.

We have been trying for a few years and really amped up our efforts over a year ago. I feel so lucky to be in a stable relationship with a fantastic man and can’t understand why the universe hasn’t had our back when it comes to fertility.

I’ve been for a few tests.

I’ve been going to acupuncture.

I’ve changed my lifestyle.

I’ve changed the way I eat.

I pray.

He’s going for tests, which will hopefully give us answers.

I know if it’s meant to happen that it will. I know that it will happen at the right time. It’s hard and frustrating because we are ready now.

There is nothing worse than noticing signs of PMS creeping into life diminishing the hope that maybe I am pregnant. Then, when my period comes, I have terrible cramps paired with disappointment and sadness. It’s only a monthly sign that it is still not my time. I feel sad and mourn the baby that never was.

What’s even harder is when people announce that they are pregnant, when they aren’t trying to get pregnant. I’m excited for them and I’m trying really hard to celebrate their happiness in hopes to help manifest my future pregnancy.

I know that my time will come and my mindset if shiting. I know that my time is near.

How did you practice resilience when faced with this challenge?

Each month, when my period comes, I try my best to be thankful that my cycle is regular and that I’m healthy. I try and remind myself of all of the things that I’m grateful for in my life. I know my turn is coming soon. Oh, and I cry if I need to cry.

Please share one piece of advice for people who are going through a similar challenge

Conceiving a baby is a science and some people need to try harder than others. Don’t be hard on yourself if you can’t get pregnant right away. Talk to medical professionals and explore various options to help you achieve your goal.

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