Falling in Love With Podcasts


As the season begins to turn, and physically distant remains in our vocabulary, many of us are still going on walks while the weather is still warm. For me, listening to podcasts, and audiobooks while on walks is one of my favourite things. I love getting lost in a book or a podcast as I move my body.

Here are some podcasts I’ve been listening to over the past couple of months:

The Michelle Obama Podcast

I mean, enough said right? Michelle Obama’s podcast consists of her interviewing and having conversations with people in her life, such as Barack Obama, her brother, and her friends. I find Michelle to be very wise and can listen to her speak all day.

The Daily

As I try to balance being informed about what is going on in the world and limiting my news intake for my own mental health, The Daily is a news podcast that is typically 30 minutes a day. While it is American focused, I feel like it’s important to know what is going on especially in an election year and with COVID-19.

Black Frasier (Phoebe Robinson)

I love Phoebe Robinson. I first discovered her on 2 Dope Queens (my forever favourite podcast), and have followed her ventures ever since. Black Frasier is her newest podcast and is similar to Michelle Obama’s format where she interviews and has conversations with others. She is both brilliant and hilarious. I would also check out her older podcast called Sooo Many White Guys.

Unlocking Us with Brene Brown

I often am immersing myself in Brene Brown’s work. I may have even highlighted this podcast already; however, it is one I am often finding myself coming back to. Meaningful and juicy conversations, Brene has difficult and soulful conversations with various professionals.

These are just a few of the podcasts that are in heavy rotation for me right now. What podcasts should I add to my repertoire? Comment below and let us know!

Written by Alana Kaplan, Project Manager for the I Am Resilient Project.

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