Daylight Savings Time Tips To Get You Through


With daylight savings time ending this week, it is hard not to notice that there are more hours of darkness in our days. This time can be difficult for a lot of people as it can affect their mood and energy. This week, in particular, you may notice increased exhaustion and confusion. That is why we want to highlight some tips that we follow, to help get through the next few months of darker days.

Fall sunset

Helpful Tips:

  1. Buy a sun lamp. With shorter daylight hours, light therapy can be a great way to simulate more light- albeit artificial, in your life. While this isn’t a cure for any mental health condition, it can help alleviate symptoms, which can help you get through the day. We hear it is best to use in the morning for about twenty minutes, as it can be stimulating and we personally like to use it while having our morning coffee.
  2. Cozy up to a new Netflix show. We don’t have to fear the dark and what it brings, we can embrace parts of it too. Whether it is rewatching an episode of Friends or The Office, or watching a new comedy special, the darkness can be a time to slow down and embrace that part of us that wants to take a break.
  3. Go to therapy. While we recommend this at any time of the year, you may notice an emotional shift this time of year. If you have benefits through insurance, you can see what your coverage looks like and use websites like Psychology Today to find the right mental health professional for you.
  4. Take advantage of daylight. Yes, there are more hours of darkness. Yes, it can be hard and it can also make the daytime feel more valuable. Go on a walk through nature by yourself or with a friend. Even a short walk can make a big difference.
Netflix and chill

What are some of the things you do to help you get through the darker months? Comment below, we would love to hear from you.

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