5 YouTube Videos That Help Cultivate Calm and Joy


I don’t know about you, but this time of year can bring me a lot of unsettling feelings of being ungrounded, anxious, and just the general “blahs.” While it’s important to acknowledge and feel the full spectrum of feelings, it’s also important to help yourself regulate, and cope.

One (of many) ways I cope is through watching and/or listening to different YouTube videos. Sometimes I choose mantras/music to listen to, and sometimes I choose videos that bring me joy.

Here are some videos that bring me a sense of calm, or joy:

Binaural Beats – I first discovered Binaural Beats when trying to find alternative ways to help with my headaches. I typically listen to this if I’m having a headache, and at night time when it might be impacting my sleep. Here is one of the many options to listen to. I suggest listening through headphones, if possible.

Charlie Bit My Finger – One of the very first viral videos of YouTube, this video of two young siblings innocently spending time together always brings a smile to my face. Do you remember when this video came out?

Apparently Kid – Another viral video, this young boy was given the opportunity to be on the news, and apparently, he won me over. Where is he now?

Ho’oponopono Meditation – A Hawaiian mantra, originated by indigenous Hawaiian healers, and also adopted by New Age healers, Ho’oponopono is a reconciliation/forgiveness mantra that consists of “I love you, I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you.” Introduced to be by my own therapist, this mantra helps when I am experiencing anxiety or negative feelings about myself. It’s important to acknowledge where these practices come from, so if you do choose to use these practices, to honour where they originate.

Leaves on A Stream – One of my favourite guided meditations, this is often used to notice where you’re stuck, and work towards becoming “unstuck.” It is part of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, however, I find that it can be useful for most people (including myself) to use.

What are some videos that bring you joy or calm? Comment below and let us know.

Written by Alana Kaplan, Project Manager for the I Am Resilient Project.

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