Stories of Resilience: Yogi Arijit


“You can overcome life’s challenges. They are stepping stones to a new, better, and purposeful life so long as you don’t rush the process of healing. Throughout my journey, I wanted to give up many times. My body was in pain, my mind was weak. But I found power in my weakness, that was my resilience. My accident was to become my story to help others.”

I dislocated my shoulder, broke my ribs, knee and had a bad ankle injury during a landslide in my mid-twenties. Not only was I externally broken, but internally too. It seemed like my life was quickly spiralling down. I had no strength to know how I could better myself — not knowing which part of my body to try to heal first. 

I felt very helpless and uncomfortable. I was emotionally hypersensitive and was having outbreaks of uncontrollable anger, isolating myself from friends and family. 

Going from being an active yogi to being almost totally immobile was an emotional disaster. It seemed like my life was quickly spiralling from worse to worse but thankfully I learned the power of resilience when I met my spiritual teacher. He was sent to me just at the right time and I am forever grateful that he helped me find my inner strength. 

I learned the knowledge of how to help myself to be at peace and be happy in life despite what was happening. My entire perspective changed. I became aligned and balanced. 

I was able to build back my physical strength with yoga therapy. Over time I saw my mental health improve and I discovered my passion for spiritual teaching as well as holistic medicine, which were the tools I used to heal myself. I feel inspired once again, but this time to be someone who is here to help others when they are going through dark times. 

Sometimes it is easy to fall into the ‘victim mindset’ after accidents like the one I had, but if you have a teacher or guide to support and empower you, you can pull yourself out of a dark place. 

Now I am armed with in-depth knowledge of Yoga, holistic medicine, and Ayurveda health. These are my instruments. I am able to help people and I have never felt more in alignment with my soul purpose.

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