Stories of Resilience: Victoria Moore


Have grace with yourself on the journey and connect with other grief warriors who have a true understanding of the complicated emotions experienced by grief, trauma, and loss.

I lost my husband of 11 years to depression and suicide. The day before I lost my husband I had an angel come to me in a meditation apologizing to me for what I had to go through, but telling me that the challenges I was facing were meant to be a part of my story and to help me become the person I was meant to be. At the time, I thought it was in regard to everything we had already experienced dealing with my husband’s depression and I had no idea he would take his life the next morning. That vision was a pivotal part of my healing journey. I actually forgot about it until I went back to my journal two months post-loss and was shocked at the message I had received. 

The following months after losing my husband I knew I had two choices. To fall into a victim mentality and stay stuck in my grief, or I could rise up from the ashes and move forward in a positive way. I knew I had the opportunity to set the example for my children that in life we don’t get to choose our circumstances, but that we get to decide how we move forward. Daily practices such as meditation, journaling, and breathing exercises helped me support my mind and body while on my healing journey. 

I made the decision to turn my pain into a purpose and help others who are dealing with grief, trauma, and loss. I am very blessed that prior to my loss I had become certified in over 13 different mind-body modalities and trained with a clinical psychologist to learn techniques to help with memory resolution and processing grief. This has been a huge part of the healing process for both myself and my children, and I have made it my mission to share and help others who are experiencing the heavy emotions associated with grieving. 

Since my husband’s passing, I have created a hypno-meditation album called Grief to Gratitude on iTunes to help others who are grieving, I started a podcast called Discovering Resilience where we share stories of others who have had life-changing experiences, and I started the San Diego Chapter of Modern Widows Club because I saw such a need in our community, and have been honored to be a presenter and yoga instructor at Camp Widow in San Diego. 

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