Stories of Resilience: Shree Walker


“I thought outside accomplishments fixed inside hurts.”

I was abused by my stepfather, a female neighbor, inappropriately touched by my grandfather at 16 years old and raped at 19 years old. I felt hopeless, voiceless, lost, confused and unworthy. I reacted in many different ways: questioned my worth, became promiscuous, and found refuge in school. I earned a B.A- History, M.A- Special Education, Ed.S.- Administration and Supervision, Ed.D- Curriculum and Instruction and completed the Public Education Leadership Project at Harvard University. 

I thought outside accomplishments fixed inside hurts. I eventually forgave my stepfather, and considering healing is a journey, I cope by sharing my truth through my book, Resilient Walker, as a motivational speaker to empower others, and professional help – counseling, exercise and embracing my spiritual beliefs.
Resilience is a state of being that is always evolving. I practice resilience by walking in my truth, using my voice to help others, forgiving others, forgiving myself, believing in the possibilities and sometimes convincing myself of the truth. To the little girl or boy within, you are now free to heal. Broken crayons still color.

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