Stories of Resilience: Jan Janzen


“The day a friend said, “Jan, your outer world is a reflection of your inner world,” I was sick to my stomach.”

In 1999, my husband and I made the tough decision to escape the cult we had both been raised in.  We were now shunned by our families and friends and only each other in a strange new world we had never navigated. Less than a year later, he left our marriage. Three months later, I lost 80% of my business overnight. Alone, with no friends, no family and no financial support, I couldn’t even find solace in my faith.

When I decided to leave the cult, I threw out the one thing that had always seen me through tough times – my faith in a Higher Power.

I didn’t do the “G” word anymore. However, when I found myself living in a cabin with rats running up and down my walls, I knew I had to look beyond the personal development work I had poured my heart, soul and savings into.

The day a friend said, “Jan, your outer world is a reflection of your inner world,” I was sick to my stomach.

It felt like my whole being was in a blender, turned on high: a mess of emotions, conflict and struggles that never seemed to end. By looking inward, I saw a lot of beliefs from the cult that no longer fit.  I found ideas that came from my Russian genetic coding, my parents and even past lives.

I cleared unsupportive beliefs more thoroughly than I thought possible and as I did the inner work, I saw the outer results. I didn’t do this work alone.  I asked for help from the Source I had abandoned. Admittedly, it was a rather sheepish re-introduction to God, but the thought of going it alone was even less appealing than acknowledging my need for guidance. What was most important was deciding what I wanted in my life; what I knew in my heart and soul I deserved.

People often ask how I made such a dramatic shift in my life?  They tell me that “God” never talks to them. I believe that the Universe is constantly communicating with us.  The problem is that most people don’t listen. They hear an idea and dismiss it as impossible. They get a hunch and they deem it foolish.  What I learned is that if you listen and act, even when it’s uncomfortable or new, miracles happen. I went from rats to riches by always believing that I could and would create the life I desired and so I never stopped working, searching and being open to new ways of being. Finally, expect to receive. If you’re hoping, wishing and praying that things will change for you, it’s unlikely that they will. You must know that you can have the life you want because whatever you are desiring, you can achieve. 

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