Shannon Mitchell – RESILIENT A.F.: Stories of Resilience


COVID-19 shut down the world just as I moved to Kamloops, a brand-new city.

My journey toward sobriety wasn’t just about giving up alcohol; it was my courageous decision that transformed my entire world. Almost four years ago (celebrating January 1, 2024), I made a life-altering choice to quit drinking. My determination stemmed from a deep desire to provide my twins, Lauren and Davis, a better life, secure my career, and ultimately reclaim control over my life.

Before I decided to quit drinking, my life was in a haze of alcohol-induced chaos. My dependence on the socially acceptable red wine had begun to dictate my actions and decisions. Every day was a struggle, a battle between my addiction and my responsibilities. But my turning point arrived when I realized the toll drinking was taking on Lauren and Davis. What kind of role model was I being?

Lauren and Davis are my world, and their innocent eyes mirrored the pain and confusion caused by my choices. It was a wake-up call I couldn’t ignore. I knew I needed to break free from the shackles of alcohol to be the supportive, loving, EPIC mom they deserved.

It was so interesting – I went to doctors and counselors, and they all said, “Oh, you don’t have a problem – your marriage just fell apart, you are a single mom raising twins – go have fun. Just don’t drink alone, set some boundaries around alcohol. I got a pass to drink wine from the most trusted professionals! 

I found an app online and made pledges daily to stay sober, and at the end of each day, the app did a check-in. Very helpful! And a great reminder of MY WHY!!

Almost four years into sobriety, my life has been transformational. Davis and Lauren now see a mother who is present, engaged, and filled with an abundance of love. I decided to change careers, move to another city, and start a new life for all of us. I have a newfound confidence and a sense of inner peace, and people are now choosing for their lives to give NO DRINKING a go! I love this for them – Stephens and Marcie – you have been gifts in my life, and I am so thankful for your friendships.

My journey has taught me valuable lessons—about resilience, about the power of love, and about tapping into the inner strength within oneself.

My advice to any of those people reading this and pondering – hmmmm, is drinking affecting my life? Take a look at truly what is happening in YOUR life and go for the sober life: clarity, better connections with those you love, and the internal resilience of STRENGTH.

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