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Grief Week Recap

Blair and Alana recap their first annual Grief Week. This is their story and they are resilient. Submit your story of resilience to be in

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2022: What a Year

Happy holidays from The Global Resilience Project team. Trigger Warning: The Resilience Project provides an open space for people to share their personal experiences. Some

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Video Interviews

Radical Resilience is an interview series that born during the COVID-19 pandemic. These interviews are a time where we check in with various humans from around the world about how they are staying resilient.

Whether you are adjusting to working from home in isolation, or adjusting to working from home while parenting, and now also teaching your children on top of that, we know that this isn’t easy. For some folks, their businesses are dependent on conferences and speaking engagements, which have also shifted significantly. We also want to hear from you. 

Over two months we recorded 13 episodes and will soon be launching our podcast.

S01E01: Alana Kaplan is the first guest of our new web series, Radical Resilience. She shares tips for those of you who are new to spending a lot of time on video calls and in front of the screen. The transition to WFH can be a challenging one and Alana shared some very valuable tips that can help you navigate this change. 💚

S01E02: Jenna Koens, a Gestalt Psychotherapist, is the owner of Psychotherapy Today and offers online therapy sessions all over the world. She loves working with entrepreneurs because she is a serial entrepreneur. Jenna has experience with both the exhilaration and stress of owning a small business and how it can impact one’s personal life. Entrepreneurship can be a balancing act with daily life, family and health and she understands that. In this episode of Radical Resilience, we chat about easy to apply techniques that will help you navigate your feelings. If you are ready to challenge your doubt and insecurity, connect with Jenna to create a game plan for success: www.psychotherapytoday.ca

S01E03: In this episode of Radical Resilience, Blair chats with Nalini Saxena, Founder and CEO of Elicit Consulting. She shares what life is like for her while living in NYC during COVID-19. She also gives valuable and uplifting advice while inspiring us to connect with our family on a deeper (and digital) level. 💚 Nalini is a strategist and executive advisor. She helps entrepreneurs, individuals, and organizations break through obstacles and reveal their latent talents, express their strengths, and achieve inspiring successes. Her client list ranges from top tier global financial institutions to Shark Tank contestants. As a robust generalist, Nalini provides guidance and implementation on business strategy, financial strategy, leadership direction, management development, and communication. She has positioned small businesses to multiply their revenue by overhauling their approach to managing their business and finances. A trusted guide, she expertly identifies the challenges inhibiting her clients and strategically maps out a clear, customized path to overcome these challenges. She has positioned larger organizations to succeed against an increasingly competitive landscape by addressing culture, client relationship management, and operational efficiency. She has developed winning pitch decks that have secured millions of dollars in capital raising for her entrepreneurial clients. She has coached ambitious professionals through career transition and targeted development of both hard and soft skills. You can learn more about Elicit™ by visiting: www.elicit.consulting

S0E04: Are you a business owner who had to make a pivot during COVID-19? In this episode of Radical Resilience, Blair chats with Sylvie Allen, Owner of Sweet Skills, about how she is still providing value to the world while doing her part to help local businesses.

S01E05: Imagine if you began to make a big shift in your life towards a new chapter but then COVID-19 had other plans for you. This is what happened to Heather and in this episode of Radical Resilience, she shares with Blair how this time of being safe at home has strengthened her bond with her daughter.

S01E06: In this episode of Radical Resilience Blair and Nikki Best discuss the concept of stability is and how to have more of it in your life. Nikki is the Managing Director of Snowberry Consulting Ltd. a Whistler business consulting firm founded in 2017, that works directly with local governments, small businesses and individuals to bring their ideas into reality while being compliant with complex regulations. Nikki graduated with honours in 2010 with a Bachelor Degree in Legal Studies and Human Resources from the University of Waterloo and since then has held management roles in government, public bodies and continues to volunteer as a board member for numerous community groups in the Sea to Sky. She was also a speaker at the 2019 Path to Resiliency event in Whistler.

S01E07: In this episode of Radical Resilience, Blair Kaplan Venables and Alexis Dean talk about the evolution of The Dovetail Community and the importance of ripping off the band-aid. Alexis launched Dovetail in January 2015 after spending ten years working as a facilitator, trainer, and educator in 21 countries with more than 100 corporate teams and school faculties. Alexis and her team at Dovetail Teambuilding and Training host private trainings and retreats for well known companies including Rogers, RBC, BMO, Altus Group, Roche, PointClickCare, and more. In 2017 at the height of the #metoo movement, Alexis saw a need to create more opportunities for community building, masterminding, and collaboration among high performing female entrepreneurs. She combined her experience as a facilitator with her passion for planning and hosting entrepreneur events, and the Dovetail Summit was born. Camp Dovetail, and the Dovetail Community were created to include growth & scale stage female entrepreneurs, and create an ecosystem of support for more women to thrive in business.

S01E08: In this episode of Radical Resilience, Blair and Mike Skrypnek chat about how to support others while taking care of yourself during difficult times. Mike Skrypnek is the Founder and CEO of Grow Get Give Coaching, an International Speaker and author of the business owners’ guide to success, “Entrepreneur Secrets to a Grow Get Give Life.”

S01E09: Are you able to find the silver lining in an unfavourable situation? In this episode of Radical Resilience, Blair Kaplan Venables and Geoff Starling, owner of Every Body STRONGER, talk about resilience, perspective and what the current silver linings are for him.

S01E10: Imagine what life is like during this pandemic for nurses who face COVID-19 every single day that they are at work. This episode of Radical Resilience dives deep into what Emily Cheng’s life is like as a nurse in Seattle, Washington.

S01E11: Blair Kaplan Venables & Megan Rafuse, Co-founder and CEO of Shift Collab, dive into some really juicy tips on how to navigate big feelings while taking care of yourself and one another during this COVID-19 era. Megan helps leaders believe they are enough. She’s a Registered Social Worker and Therapist that is keenly focused on helping highly ambitious young professionals. Megan is a co-host of Impostercast, an iTunes top-20 podcast about “faking it”, living authentically and recognizing that none of us are alone in our struggles and triumphs. Megan also does corporate and wellness workshops across North America, to help others learn to challenge their own inner imposter, master positive self-talk, and set quality goals.

S01E12: Do you think you have a sugar addiction or have you developed unhealthy eating habits while staying safe at home? Blair Kaplan Venables & Melissa Deally, Founder of Better Brain Health, talk all about sugar addiction and how to kick unhealthy food habits. You can learn more about the programs that Melissa offers here: https://melissa6.podia.com

S01E13: What lessons did you learn while sheltering in place during this pandemic? Blair and Paula Munro Owen, Owner of Paula Owen Photography and Co-Founder of the Grassroots Assistance in Rural Development (GARD), talk about the importance of living your best life and what life may look like in the post COVID era. Learn more about GARD: https://www.gard.ca