Heather Marianna – RESILIENT A.F.: Stories of Resilience


I suffered a deep depression after my relationship ended, and my name was being exploited in my very successful business.

I grew up with a heart that believed in the inherent goodness of people. I was often too trusting and too kind for my own good. But as life unfolded, 2023 would be the year when I finally realized that not everyone shared my pure intentions. It was a harsh awakening that I needed to shake off the issues I had been concealing for years.

The year 2023, without a doubt, stands as one of the most challenging chapters in my life story. My life’s love departed, leaving an irreplaceable void in my heart. I had thought he was “the one,” and the revelation of his true nature shattered my world. The entire relationship had been a facade, a lie I struggled to accept. I became entangled in a personal hell where fixing the relationship consumed me entirely. Everything else fell by the wayside, including self-care, my fitness routine, and my passion for work and beloved companies. I felt like I was drowning in despair.

I took a drastic step and sought help from a therapist and healer. Through their guidance, I began to see that I had done nothing wrong. I was merely entangled with a narcissist, and that realization was the first glimmer of hope after months of darkness. As the first part of the year drew to a close, I started feeling better, only for another bombshell to hit me.

I had taken a company public, but it soon became evident that my partners were exploiting my name and brand for their own gain. I had poured nearly three years of my life and a significant investment of half a million dollars into a project that crumbled beneath my feet, largely due to the shady actions of the CEO. Depression cast a relentless shadow over me, and thoughts of despair visited me regularly.

Amidst this darkness, a realization emerged. These people, including my ex, couldn’t take anything from me. I had crafted my life and my story, and not to mention most of their success was built on my network. The last quarter of the year brought a remarkable turn of events. I found myself booked for a role in a holiday movie set for 2024 – a dream come true. I was also working on several celebrity events, planning a trip to Africa and co-producing an event for the Oscars. These were just the tip of the iceberg; much more was on the horizon. I aligned with incredible women, and 2024 was beginning to look amazing.

As I prepared to welcome the new year, my heart brimmed with love and gratitude, leaving behind the hurt that had consumed me. I had turned the corner.

I embarked on a journey of self-discovery, shedding the burdens that had weighed me down for so long. I rediscovered my strength and belief in myself. At 45, I faced the daunting task of rebuilding my emotions and starting anew. Yet, I knew each day was a gift, an opportunity to create something extraordinary. I was blessed with a supportive circle of friends and invaluable resources to navigate the toughest days.

My message to anyone facing their own trials is a simple yet powerful one. It all begins with mindset. Take a step back from everyone and work on yourself first. Everything everything else can wait.

Depression may try to consume us, but I refuse to be a victim of my circumstances. I am the Comeback Queen, and my resilience will carry me through any storm.

I’ve endured trials and hardships that few know about. I’ve survived an abusive relationship, battled the manipulation of a narcissist, and faced adversity that could have broken me. But here I stand, a living testament to the unwavering strength of resilience.

I practiced resilience through meditation, prayer, and a lot of outdoor activity. I also shut the TV off a lot and tried to get more one with myself and begin to learn to be alone. I also practice huge amounts of discernment when working with anyone new, and I shut people out at the first sign of something being off.

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