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I got married because my father was terminally ill, and then my husband left me 11 months into our marriage, right after we bought the restaurant we met at.

You know the crazy coincidences you can’t explain or see the same word or number over and over? I have another name for these signs/synchronicities and coin them as myronies. However, myrony (my+irony) has its own definition of synchronicity in motion. We may see a sign, but then there is an action we can take when we trust that inner knowing, and once we recognize that, we gain a kind of superpower that’s in all of us! This is why I am so grateful to tell my story here about not only how resilience plays a key role in facing adversity but also how myrony changed my life once I realized how these incredible signs would appear either before or after following my intuition and I want to show how it can change yours too.  

I became aware of myrony almost 20 years ago when my dad became terminally ill, and I ended up getting married at the hospital I was born in, one week before he passed, even though I was not engaged. My then-boyfriend and I had planned on getting married, so after crying to my dad’s younger sister at the hospital about how I couldn’t believe my dad would not see his only daughter get married, my aunt suggested why don’t we so my dad could be there? So, I called him at the restaurant we both worked at, which was called 821. I only mention this because 821 is one of my myronic numbers that showed up repeatedly. It was also here where we met and fell in love, so when I asked if he wanted to get married next Sunday, there was definitely some myrony with me proposing to my future husband at the restaurant we met at while I was in the hospital I was born in. The wedding would also be held in the chapel with the reception outside in the courtyard, so I must be the only one in history born, engaged, and married in the same hospital! The first wedding dress I tried on was the dress of my dreams, and the shoes were the last pair in my size, which truly made me feel like Cinderella. Everything was falling in place until the day before, on August 21st (or 821, which is the restaurant’s name, remember?), it was a torrential downpour.  Everyone was asking what I would do because the only option was to have the reception in the cafeteria, so I declared, “If there truly is a God, He will not take this away from my father.” The next day was one of the most beautiful days I had ever witnessed, with not a drop of rain or a cloud in the sky. That day was so perfect, but I remember later crying hysterically to my new husband since I now knew my dad was going to die; sure enough, exactly one week later, my dad took his last breath with my family around him, and we said goodbye. 

Saying goodbye to my dad at the age of 27, I thought, was hard enough; well, I had no idea the crazy twists my life was about to take. After his passing, the owner of 821 asked us to buy it, so we jumped at the opportunity. We were set to purchase on 12/1, but it ended up closing on 12/8, which is 821 reversed, so maybe this was the Universe/God’s way of showing me how backward my life was about to get. 

My family in May of 2005 then went through another huge loss, which put me in a deeper depression, and that changed my life forever because I ignored every single sign given this one day.  A woman who worked for us at the restaurant, during the same time I was dealing with my family’s loss, decided she wanted my husband and left hers, and this all started at her son’s one-year birthday party.  Now, when I say I ignored every sign, including the fact my husband didn’t want to go to this party because it was on a Sunday and that was the only day our restaurant was closed.  His normal work schedule as Executive Chef was 12-16 hours easily, and I remember him telling me how he just wanted to go home, curl up on our couch with a glass of wine, watch a movie, and just relax. I told him I wished we could do that, but I promised we would go to this party, and then the navigation in our SUV got us so lost we couldn’t even find the house for over 45 minutes!  What’s even worse is I ignored my internal navigation that told me she was up to something, so when he left me 11 months into our marriage, I still had to see him every day because we owned the restaurant, so I’m sure you can imagine my mental state. My crushing moment was when this woman got pregnant, and I tried to kill myself by drinking a lot of wine, taking a sleeping pill, and then taking a bath.  Thankfully, hours later, I woke up in a cold bath, and from then on, I gained barely enough strength to keep going, knowing suicide was not the answer. A few months later, I was given one of the greatest gifts to this day. My friend, who myronically was also my photographer at my wedding, gave me a book that altered my life forever, Many Lives Many Masters by Dr. Brian Weiss. I remember reading how our higher selves choose everything that happens in life. It was so powerful and made me wonder why I would choose this crazy life?!  

So from that point on, I would look from that soul perspective, which was how I kept moving forward, and now I believe I chose all the pain & sadness so that I can help others with the incredible tools and insights I discovered along the way. It’s actually through the hard times that we later recognize how amazing life is, but thankfully, myrony helps make those difficult times a little easier because the challenges are sometimes the necessary pieces to our life puzzle. If you are intrigued to hear my full myronic story (actually how my last name is pronounced), Ep. 1 of my podcast also explains in much greater depth how EVERYONE experiences these incredible phenomena.

Besides ALWAYS trusting my intuition, the most important thing I learned is how grateful I am and that I have no resentful thoughts. I now look at everything I’ve been through as a gift, which includes the good, the bad, and especially the ugly. Through the hard times, we later recognize how amazing life is, but thankfully myrony helps make those difficult times a little easier because the challenges are sometimes the necessary pieces to our life puzzle.

I practiced resilience by reading Dr. Brian Weiss’s books, of which there are six in total, I have discovered each one holds a key piece to this greater soul awareness, so they actually build upon each other. Something resonated with me that helped me understand that all the pain was part of my life’s journey. This kept me going by looking from a higher perspective, and it also helped me let go of all anger/  since, on a soul level, I learned I chose all of this, so I can only blame myself for my crazy myronic life.  

ALWAYS trust your intuition and understand your soul has chosen all that has happened, no matter how difficult life has been. This is how we move spiritually from victimhood to resilience and, finally, empowerment!

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